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Multi-Sensory Learning

Interactive Learning & Enrichment For Children

Welcome to CornerYourSenses, where it is our intention to support your child's journey in forming a love of reading and helping to build their confidence while doing so. Come explore our loving, supportive, exciting new center. We offer a vast variety of classes that support your child's progress in reading and in extracurricular enrichment classes.

Weekly Classes Available In Semester Blocks

What We Do

Enrichment & Pop Up Events

Summer Camps


Here, you can view our mission and approach.

Interactive Enrichment and Pop Up Events

What We Do

Enrichment & Pop Up Events

Summer Camps


Our events are designed to offer a changing experience.

Keep Them Learning Over The Summer

What We Do

Enrichment & Pop Up Events

Summer Camps


Let your child stay learning this summer with us.

The Leaders Of Your Children's Education

What We Do

Enrichment & Pop Up Events

Summer Camps


Check out our passionate and accredited faculty.

Why CornerYourSenses?

01. Founded by Passion

CornerYourSenses was founded by a woman who is passionate about providing children of all abilities with a nurturing learning environment that takes the whole child into account and provides an integrated educational experience. She brings that passion to CornerYourSenses.

06. Who This Center Is For

CornerYourSenses is dedicated to provide a multi-sensory experience which allows children of all abilities, ages 3-12 to develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

05. Always Changing

We provide classes and programs which respond to the needs of the whole child.

02. Multi-Sensory Learning For All Abilities

Multi-Sensory instruction allows children to learn through all their senses. Using all eight senses (yes, eight - sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, movement, balance, and interoception) is a fantastic way to further educational development.

03. Designed for Social and Mental Development

CornerYourSenses recognizes the need for social and mental development as they go hand in hand with learning. That is why we offer activities such as yoga, art therapy, and other therapeutic techniques.

04. Our Vision

CornerYourSenses is dedicated to inspiring the social, emotional, physical, and academic development of the students we serve. We recognize that students learn best when fully engaged through multi-sensory instruction.  We focus on recruiting excellent teachers, answering the needs of families, and fostering a culture of healthy, happy, and educationally ready children.

Our Approach

Learn more about the passion and vision for the learning center.


To get in touch with the learning center or for contact information take a look at our contact page.


Take a look at our schedule to get an idea of our revolving weekly activities, classes and pop up events.


"Diana's passion for education is unrivaled. Her commitment and love to her students big or small is unwavering. Having a background in special education makes her the best person to pursue creating a space where everyone regardless of their needs can learn and excel in a fun and interactive atmosphere."

Jamie C.


"I am so happy that Corner Your Senses is opening. The center fills a

much needed gap in programs for students to attend. I am proud to know the owner Diana for many years and everything Diana does is filled with love and creativity. She is a caring, compassionate, enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to helping her students achieve their fullest potential."

Erica B.


"I've known the founder of Corner Your Senses, Diana for over 20 years and she has both cared for and taught my children during this time. She is a patient, kind, hard working, a dedicated professional and overall a wonderful person."

Gia Y.


Contact Us

If you are looking to contact the learning center you can do so with the information below.