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Let's Get To Know Each Other

About Corner Your Senses

A Multi-Sensory Learning And Enrichment Experience For Children Of All Abilities

Corner Your Senses prides itself in providing qualified teachers, tutoring and enrichment tailored to, but not limited to those between 2 and 12 years old.

Specialized Instruction

Finding specialized learning techniques for those with disabilities such as: Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Anxiety, OCD, SLD or OHI can be challenging. Corner Your Senses can provide the resources needed for children with these disabilities to excel.

Nurturing Environment

Corner Your Senses provides multi-sensory learning and kinesthetic learning to provide a positive environment not revolving around grades and textbooks.

Dependable Teachers

Your children are your world, the teachers assisting in their development should meet our standards of professional certification, qualification, and dependability all while providing affordability to your family.

Mental development means more than test scores

Corner Your Senses recognizes the need to provide therapeutic resources to children that may otherwise struggle to develop to their greatest potential.

There is no need to rush

Children can use our resources to learn at their own pace without the overwhelming stress of deadlines and due dates.

What is the Orton-Gillingham Approach and why is it important?


The Orton-Gillingham Approach is a proven method to teach literacy to individuals who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling.  This program is especially beneficial for those with dyslexia, but is advantageous for all children who are literacy challenged.


The O-G Approach is multi-faceted and incorporates a variety of teaching techniques that simplify reading and spelling.  Various diagnostic tools are used to determine a child’s specific learning needs. Students benefit from a teaching method that is structured and sequential, but easy to understand. Words are broken down into letters and sounds in a simple, direct and prescriptive way.


Although the O-G approach has historically been used for individuals with reading disorders, it is now used more often with the general student population. Teachers trained in the O-G approach have been successful in working with students at various reading and spelling levels because diagnostics is a key component of the program. One of our goals is to differentiate instruction based on our students’ abilities and needs. CornerYourSenses recognizes that one teaching strategy does not fit all students. Instruction must be suited to the needs of each student.


As the founder of CornerYourSenses, I am extremely passionate about helping children to become better readers.  This includes children with dyslexia or language-based learning disorders. Our center is a safe, secure environment where your child can learn and grow in a multi-sensory, confidence-building home away from home.  CornerYourSenses is the place where you child will develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Our Mission

To support children in their reading development by creating a positive, hands-on, and stress-free environment. 


CornerYourSenses curriculum consists of intriguing, fun, multi-sensory learning experiences designed to help your child form a love of reading.  Your child will get excited about literature as they boost their confidence in their ability to learn how to read.  Their self-esteem will grow as they build their reading skills. 


CornerYourSenses provides a balanced focus on reading — incorporating OG multi-sensory learning techniques and the mindfulness of a child’s social/emotional development.