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What We Are All About

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Corner Your Senses is dedicated to inspiring the social, emotional, physical, and academic development of the students we serve. We recognize that students learn best when fully engaged through multi-sensory instruction. We focus on recruiting excellent teachers, answering the needs of families, and fostering a culture of healthy, happy, and educationally ready children. We provide classes and programs that respond to the needs of the whole child. 


My degree in Special Education with a Coordinate Major in Psychology, combined with my OG IMSLEC certification and experience, is the foundation of CornerYourSenses. The classes and programs led by our highly qualified teachers, OG certified teachers, specialists, and therapists will support pre-reading, phonological awareness, blending sounds, word attack, spelling, syllabication, decoding, encoding, word recognition, fluency, comprehension, decoding, and many other developmentally appropriate reading needs. This will be accomplished by being mindful of, and attending to, every child’s individual needs including their emotional and development needs.


Throughout my years of teaching, I have learned that the number one prerequisite to learning any subject or topic is a child feeling safe and being physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to learn. Without this focus, he/she will not be fully available to receive the lessons and material being taught. Studies show, and I have learned first-hand, that students, especially those with learning and/or developmental disabilities, learn best when feeling relaxed, cared for in an engaging environment that focuses on positive reinforcement. 


Our flexible classroom frees children from sitting on chairs and at desks if they do not feel comfortable doing so. It gives children creative options of exploring their learning without having to write their letters, words and sentences out on lined paper and with a pencil or pen. It emphasizes hands-on, multi-sensory instruction so that a child’s senses are engaged and they are fully interested in learning.


We also offer enrichment classes such as yoga, art and music, which will help your child feel as if CornerYourSenses is a home away from home.


CornerYourSenses will run a variety of classes and programs which will help children develop physically, emotionally, mentally, and educationally through a combination of education and enrichment classes. I believe it’s the combination of these very important aspects of learning, developing and growing that will improve children's confidence, and emotional well-being, which will lead to an overall healthier, happier and educationally ready child.


My wish is for all who enter as guests, to leave as friends…

To feel more relaxed

To feel more confident

To feel more positive

To feel more intrigued 

To feel a love of learning"


– Diana Caporino, Founder