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Are You Looking For A More Private Learning Setting?

One on One Tutoring Sessions

We Offer One on One Tutoring Sessions

For a More Private Experience

One-on-one tutoring sessions are individualized and customized to fit your child's needs, utilizing the true Orton-Gillingham method. Each lesson is tailored to each students’ individual strengths and weaknesses. To ensure greatest effectiveness and progress of each session, an assessment will be given. The ultimate goal of OG tutoring sessions is for students to feel confident in their own reading and language skills. Our focus in on the child's ultimate growth as a learner and to help them feel confident in reading independently.

All one on one tutoring classes will be taught by an OG certified and/or trained teacher.

In the case that there are two children at similar reading levels, a two-on-one group can be formed. The benefit of two-on-one sessions is that the children learn from each other and enjoy the social aspect of learning new concepts together. The goal of these lessons is to equip students to develop the skills in literacy and nurture a love of reading and writing by engaging instruction and enrichment through prescriptive, explicit and prescriptive direction. 

If you would like to schedule a one on one session or would like more information about one, please use the form below.