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Personalized Instruction Details

Personal OG & Reading Lessons

Personalized Reading & OG Instruction Taught by OG-Certified Teachers

We offer individualized, strategic reading instruction to fit your child's unique needs, utilizing the Orton-Gillingham structured literacy method. Each lesson is tailored to your child’s learning style, multi-sensory needs, and academic strengths and weaknesses. To fully engage your child and to ensure the greatest success of each lesson, we will continually evaluate your child’s social, emotional, and academic progress. At CornerYourSenses, our ultimate goal is for students to feel confident in their own reading, writing, and language skills. Our focus is on the child's ultimate growth as a learner and on helping them feel self-assured and at ease in reading and writing independently.

Instruction is available one-on-one or in a small group setting. In the event that there are two or more children at similar reading levels, a small group could be formed. The benefit of two-on-one sessions is that the children learn from each other and enjoy the social aspect of learning new concepts together. 

Please Note: The below packages and pricing are being offered at a promotional rate. If you purchase package B or C and happen to decide to cease lessons prior to finishing the package, package A pricing will be applied and the balance will be owed. 

Package Type
Price Per Lesson
Price Per Lesson
Package Price
Fall Grand Opening Promotional Rate

An OG Trail Package (Package of 5, one time purchase per client)



12% Off


Package of 12

(12 lessons, 50 minutes per lesson)



10% Off


Package of 18



15% Off


Package of 24



18% Off