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Let Us Help You With Summer Plans

Summer Camp Classes

6 Week Multi-Sensory OG Enrichment Camp Classes

CornerYourSenses - Is eager to provide its students with a carefully planned program which combines Multi-Sensory OG hands on Learning Experiences with enrichment classes. This enhanced program will provide children with a multi-sensory experience that blends education with the arts. Our goal is to have our students thrive by sparking their interest in learning and nurturing all of their senses.

CornerYourSenses will be offering 2 cycles of OG interactive camps this summer. Each cycle will be 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for 3 weeks. Each day there are three classes tailored to specific age ranges that are one hour and fifteen minutes long.

Cycle 1 – Weeks 1 – 3 (July 12th - July 28th)

Cycle 2 - Weeks 4 - 6 (August 9th - August 25th)

Cycle 2 registration opens July 25th – priority registration will be open first to prior enrolled students. 

Schedule Overview

Summer Classes and Schedule

Week 1 - July 12th – 14th

Week 2 – July 19th – 21st

Week 3 – July 26th – July 28th

Break – Center Closed – July 26th – Aug 5th

Week 4 Aug 9th – Aug 11th

Week 5 Aug 16th – Aug 18th

Week 6 Aug. 23rd – Aug 25th

Pricing Information

Grand Opening Promotional Pricing

Please note our week is Tuesday & Thursday 

1 week enrollment $135.68 (-10%)

2 weeks $255.94 (-15%) 

3 weeks $361.80 (-20%)

Promotional Rate will be honored for children returning to enroll in cycle 2 of our summer program in August. Enrollment for Cycle 2 will start July 25th

An Overview Of Camp Classes

Here is an overview of what to expect for different age groups in a given day

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

OG interactive class for preschoolers and kindergarteners

(Pre K - Kindergarten)

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Interactive Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory Class/Foundational Reading    

(1st - 3rd grade)

11:30 PM - 12:30 PM

Interactive Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory Class/Foundational Reading    

(3rd - 5th grade)